The Internet of Social Networks

A new hope for the Internet, an Internet without hate, discrimination, and with freedom of speech.

Social Networks as a Service

Discover regional and
interest-based social networks

Whether you want to connect locally with others in your city, or you want to support your favorite creator or company - Web4 partners always have the right social network for you.

You are Web4

Build Your Own Social Network

Web4 signifies freedom of expression and grants everyone the right to build their own social network.

  • Cities & Organizations 🏙️
  • Companies of all sizes 💼
  • Private individuals, influencers, and artists
Web4 is protected

Network admins monitor social networks

In Web4, we do not tolerate hate or discrimination and will delete such networks.

  • Network operators moderate the networks
  • We verify every new Web4 network
  • In case of abuse, Linkspreed intervenes
Web4 is your journey into the future

Your Web4 hub, simplified

In 4 steps, we’ll show you how you can quickly and easily replace your social networks with interest-based and local networks.

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Was gibt es auf Web4?

Entdecke Web4-Partner

Entdecke und tritt den sozialen Netzwerken bei, die dich interessieren. Diese Netzwerke findest du überall im Internet.

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Wie kann ich helfen?

Unterstütze deine Lieblings-Communitys

Werde Moderator, spende an deine Community oder erstelle dein eigenes Web4-Netzwerk. Fühle dich frei und nehme aktiv beim Aufbau teil.

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Was passiert mit meinen Daten?

Du behältst immer die Kontrolle über deine Daten

Du kannst jederzeit zwischen sozialen Netzwerken wechseln oder mehrere gleichzeitig nutzen. Lösche deine Daten, exportiere sie oder behalte sie einfach auf der Plattform.

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Sind meine Freunde im Web4?

Lade deine Freunde und Familie ins neue Web ein

Viele soziale Netzwerke in Web4 verfügen über unser integriertes Einladungssystem, und einige Netzwerke haben sogar ein Partnerprogramm, bei dem du Geld verdienen kannst, indem du teilst.

Flexible Prices

A flexible and simple pricing model that depends on your network size

The license and system costs amount to only a few cents per user. If you have many users, it’s possible that you may upgrade to a higher tariff plan and benefit from additional advantages.


(1-100 User)

0.50 /user/month
  • All functions can be used without limits and restrictions
  • Free updates with longer waiting times
  • Community support

Early Stage

(100-2k User)

0.30 /user/month
  • All functions can be used without limits and restrictions
  • Medium waiting time for updates
  • Community support, and in special cases, also Linkspeed support


(2k-30k User)

0.20 /user/month
  • All functions can be used without limits and restrictions
  • Medium to fast release of updates
  • Support from Linkspreed within 24 - 48 hours


(30k-65k User)

0.10 /user/month
  • All functions can be used without limits and restrictions
  • Faster release of updates
  • Support from Linkspreed within 24 hours


(65k-100k User)

0.05 /user/month
  • All functions can be used without limits and restrictions
  • Faster release of updates
  • Prioritized support by the Linkspreed team


(100k+ User)

0.01 /user/month
  • All functions can be used without limits and restrictions
  • Very fast provision of updates
  • Prioritized premium support with a dedicated decentralized developer as an additional option
We've got answers

Your questions answered

If you're new or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.

The construction takes a maximum of 1-7 days and depends on the current capacity utilization of the team.

Yes, our partners have committed to carefully handling your data and not passing it on. You can also delete or export them at any time. You always retain sole control.

Yes, in most cases, network operators offer their communities for free. However, some also build a subscription model behind it.

No, the Linkspreed team takes on all technical challenges during construction.

No, Web3 and Web4 are not related. However, we also offer the option to store files and documents decentrally via StorJ.

Get in touch with us and we will quickly, efficiently, and elegantly build your own social network or show you existing networks that you can join.

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